[Redacted] (sethomas84) wrote in catholic_heresy,

Hell as oblivion

Hello all.

Since John Paul the Great notoriously articulated hell as simply being a state of existence detached from God's love, I thought that the most cogent way to understand it is that it's simply oblivion. I know this isn't orthodox, but really it's the only thing that makes any remote amount of sense to me. I believe firmly in Purgatory and Heaven, but I see Hell as being tautological with oblivion. Why? Because one facet of common theodicy is that God is the sustaining force of existence, thus to be deprived of Him is to cease to exist.

I know I do a lot of shameless promotion on this board, but I do articulate this point of mine in this vlog, if anyone's interested.

Some implications that I don't bring up is that this sees within God's telos that the "damned" are just automatons that exist to highlight the good works of the "elect", to appropriate from Calvinism (yeah, yeah, I know). While somewhat discouraging in some lights, I ultimately find this much more appealing than positing an infinite expanse of time to punish those who fail to accept God's grace.
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