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The Eternal Soul: A History, a Diatribe

Well, I know that it seems I spam these boards with my whacky theories often enough, but this time it's to promote my book. That's right, a print-on-demand firm has picked me up and the final product is now for sale. You can order it directly online right now and it'll come within a few days (from Amazon, Barnes and Noble's website, or my publisher www.virtualbookworm.com), or you can order it from me and save a few dollars and have it signed--but you'll have to wait a few weeks for it.

The purpose of the book is to rationalize the existence of the soul and "free" will by investigating the assumption that the soul is eternal--coeternal with God. Some people have called this heretical, but most of the priests with whom I've discussed this said that it's perfectly fine to hold such a view.

More information is available Here. Thank you in advance to anyone who has the kindness to read it. And no, I don't plan on making millions of dollars off of this, but at least maybe if enough people buy it from me I can recoup my initial investment.

Thanks all.

Pax vobiscum,

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