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catholic_heresy's Journal

Investigating Catholic Tradition, Doctrine & Dogma
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This community is for discussing beliefs that have been considered heretical or nearly heretical by the Catholic Church.

Questions are not only welcomed, they are strongly encouraged. This is also a place to ask why Catholics believe as we do.

Spam, flames, taunting and profanity is strictly prohibited. So is prosyletizing.

A friendly, helpful tone is encouraged and since this community is for clarifying and correcting that which is often misinterpreted it may be natural to assume a knowledgeable attitude. Please avoid judgemental or condescending language. Three strikes and you're out on this one.

Long posts and large images should be placed behind a cut.

Since this community is for education please refrain from posting anecdotes about how someone did something incorrectly. That's not what we're here for.

On that note please keep your opinions about a given practice or belief - heretical or not - to yourself.

This community is meant as an adjunct to catholicism and isn't intended to be the place for judgement, rants, venting, etc.

This community is moderated by razrangel. You may contact me via AIM (same nickname) or Yahoo! IM at nadianismo. Email: friendswithtime @ hotmail . com