tom93 (tom93) wrote in catholic_heresy,

Is there a name for this heresy ?

Suppose I'm actually an atheist; I totally reject the idea of anything supernatural and believe that everything is governed by natural law, but I find religious concepts to be useful allegories.

God, for example is a symbol of existence itself; existence with a character, so to speak. I don't think there is some actual creature out there called God who created the universe, etc. but understand things like "God loves me" in a way that makes sense in a poetic sort of way. I do experience my life as something great and valuable, and good things happen in my life (especially when I work at it).

I view all the "miracles" as simply exaggerations, like after hearing Jesus speak and seeing his disciples share their meager food with some of the listeners, the whole crowd of usually stingy Jews decided to all share their food with each other.

The "kingdom of heaven" isn't some other dimension, but is the state of mind that you're in when you're really happy.

And so on.

If I were a Catholic and still continued to practice, is there a name for my heretical views ?
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