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Gay Adoption

Hello all!

Well, for those who live either in Boston or in the Boston area in Massachusetts, in "The Boston Globe" there is an article about Catholic Charities of Boston.

After 103 years of service, it's closing its doors. It's not because of money or anything like that, it has to do with gay adoption.

In 2003, the Vatican issued a document titled, "Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons." In the document, it says gay adoption is "gravely immoral."
In the article, it says, "Last fall, the Globe reported that Catholic Charities was facilitating gay adoptions, despite Vatican teachings, controversy erupted."

Personally, I am greatly saddened that Catholic Charities of Boston is closing because it's done such a service. And, I couldn't help but agree with this quote said by a man who was adopted through Catholic Charities of Boston:

"How thankful I am to be adopted. Now, Catholic Charities is deciding not to do that. I don't think people decide if they are gay or straight. There are plenty of gay people who would be wonderful parents. I think the wrong thing is to walk away from the church. The right thing to do is influence their decisions. I am Catholic. I'm proud of being Catholic."

Now, my question is that, are Catholics (including myself) obligated to believe that gay adoptions are "gravely immoral?" And, does not agreeing with the Church's view on gay adoptions put Catholics in any state of sin?
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